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CANCELLATION: Our leases are non-cancellation Leases. Once signed, Tenant is responsible for their entire Lease Agreement and the Lease Agreement cannot be cancelled. If the Tenant wishes to cancel for any reason, he/she must request cancellation in writing to the Broker. A cancellation request will only be granted after another tenant is secured or permission from the Owner is granted. If the request is granted, the real estate commission, the Administrative Fee and any credit/debit card convenience fee paid shall be deducted before the balance of monies paid is returned to Tenant upon cancellation.


  • If the property Owner offers the convenience of paying by Credit or Debit card, Cardholder/tenants can pay by credit/debit card but only for a “short term rental” which is a rental of a residential property for not more than 125 consecutive days with a specific termination date.
  • All payments by credit/debit card to be accepted for a short-term rental Lease Agreement must be made a minimum of 62 days prior to the check-in date in the Lease.
  • No cancellations or charge-backs shall be accepted once a Lease Agreement is signed. All terms, including payment and cancellation terms, shall be governed by the Lease Agreement.
  • The following credit cards are accepted. Visa, Mastercard and Discover. NOTE: American Express is not accepted.
  • Tenants who opt to pay by credit/debit card shall incur a transaction fee of 4% per transaction for the convenience of paying by credit/debit card.
  • Tenants who opt to pay by credit/debit card shall be furnished a copy of this Credit/Debit Card Payment Policy and Cancellation Policy at the time of Lease Agreement signing and shall be furnished a payment receipt at time of credit/debit card payment.
  • if Cardholder/Tenant is found to have wrongfully disputed a charge, Cardholder/Tenant will be responsible for any fees and costs incurred by BHGRE Murphy & Co. in defending the same, including attorney’s fees.